Our Story

About The Tobacco Shop

The Tobacco Shop first opened its doors on February 2, 1995.  If you were an early customer, you might remember walking into the the adjacent building where the DMV used to be.  As business grew, it was time to expand into a bigger store so that's when we decided to build our current store in the empty lot next door.  With the help of friends and family around the area, we were able to finish building the store in the summer of 1997.  This was very exciting as we were able to add many features to make it a true tobacco store feel such as a walk-in humidor and more floor space for more products. 

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About The Owner

Dave Hendricks is the owner and founder of The Tobacco Shop.  He started his career in the tobacco business working for a wholesale distributor which involved selling tobacco products to many small businesses.  He decided to open The Tobacco Shop with a solid understanding of how a business should be ran and that is keep prices at near wholesale price.  This business model has made the store very successful for over 20 years and running.

While the store is a huge part of Dave's life, he also has many interests outside work.  He is a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan, loves to fish and hunt, is always planting flowers around the house, and is an avid cigar smoker.

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